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Oxfordshire Photography Courses

The following websites offer a range of photography courses and workshops in the Oxfordshire area including:

  • Nature & wildlife photography taking in the beautiful Cotswolds.

  • Landscape & cityscape photography courses

  • Portrait & studio photography courses

  • Street photography courses in Oxford

  • Learning the basics

  • Plus many more genres

Courses cater for the beginner photographer through to the more experienced professional. Places to go with your camera include visiting the picturesque banks of River Thames, Blenheim Palace, market towns such as Chipping Norton and Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens plus many more!

If you're keen to get learning then you can also visit our tutorial pages here. There's a great selection of free videos available covering a range of genre and topics.

Search all courses here.

Oxford photography workshops


London Eye

ESO Training Academy

Oxfordshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, London

How well do you know your Canon EOS camera? Getting to grips with the basics of photography is one thing, but actually understanding how your camera works and what it’s capable of is another matter. That’s where the EOS Training Academy comes in – our team of lecturers know the EOS system inside out and guarantee that a day spent with them will unlock your camera’s full potential and give you the skills to improve your photography.

London Eye

Sarah Plater Photography


Sarah offers 1:1 photography courses, presentations, online training and books for people looking to improve their portrait photography.

London Eye



Jessops photography courses are the very start of the journey for many of our customers. We teach you how to take control of your camera and move away from Auto. Courses are run throughout the UK and taught by our camera experts.

London Eye

Eva Nemeth - Quiet Observations

Oxfordshire, Somerset, Yorkshire, Online/Virtual

Eva offers Garden and Story-Telling Photography classes, one-to-ones, online and on location from beginners to professionals. Use of a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera is essential. With years of experience photographing beautiful gardens and working with some of the top garden and lifestyle magazines the UK and abroad, Eva is happy to share her knowledge with you and pass on her love for photography.

London Eye

Mark Bassett Photographer


Digital SLR Photography Courses in Oxford. For Beginner & Intermediate Level. Own DSLR Camera Required. Take better photographs. Go from Auto Mode to shooting Fully Manual in 2 hours! One to One lessons available in Oxfordshire now.

London Eye

Matthew Williams-Ellis Photography

London, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Online/Virtual

Take your photography to the next level a bespoke 1-to-1 workshop, fun group session or on an adventurous photography holiday. Matthew, who's work has been recognised in Travel Photographer of the Year, offers tuition to suit all levels and does so with passion, enthusiasm and patience. Master your camera in a day, get to grips with wildlife photography during the deer rut, or get creative with shutter speeds and learn light trails at Tower Bridge. Just get in touch to discuss options!

London Eye

John Alexander Photography

Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire

John offers photography workshops and 1-2-1 tuition.

London Eye

Cotswold Photography Tours

Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire

We provide fully customised, year-round, photographic tours of the Cotswolds specifically designed for visitors to the region who have an interest in photography. If you ant to see the Cotswolds on your very own personalised tour and capture pictures that go well beyond the usual tourist snaps of the region then Cotswold Photography Tours is for you! Photographic experience is not necessary - we cater for all levels of photographer and provide appropriate photographic guidance and tuition as part of each tour.

London Eye



Courses are aimed at all users of Digital SLR cameras who would like to learn more about photographic principles, techniques and tricks and understand their own equipment better. The courses are suitable for single learners and groups up to 8 people.

London Eye

Oxford School of Photography


The Oxford School of Photography conducts photography courses in Oxford as evening classes and weekend courses which are open to everyone. Portraiture, DSLR, Digital Camera, Photoshop, Lightroom, Travel, Composition and more, including private group and 121 photography workshops.

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