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FAQ's and T&C's for Premium Listings


Q. What if I have course listings in more than one area?

A. If you are listed in two or more areas of the country, and you would like a premium listing in more than one of them, then you will need to pay the premium rate for each area you wish to be premium listed in. E.g. You are listed in Kent, Surrey, Sussex & London and you want top spot listing for London and Surrey then you would pay £45 + £30 = £75/month.

Q. What if no-one has purchased the ‘top spot’ listing?

A. If no-one has purchased the ‘top spot’ listing then all top 4 listings will move up one place.

Q. When do I need to pay by?

A. Payment should be made annually or monthly in advance.

Q. How long is the contract for?

A. The contract is for 12 months after which it can be renewed. New rates may apply.

Q. What if I want to cancel the contract?

A. If you want to cancel the contact you must give 3 months notice.

Q. Why are the London rates higher?

A. This is due to the higher volume of courses in London.

Q. What happens if the premium listing place I want is already taken?

A. In this case you will have to go on a reserve list until a place becomes available.


Terms and conditions.

  • The premium listing contract is for a period of 12 months.

  • Payment for the premium listing service can be made annually or monthly in advance.

  • If you wish to cancel the agreement, then 3 months’ notice is required.

  • Any technical issues relating to the Find a Photography Course website that result in a loss of visibility or functionality of the site for more than 7 consecutive days will compensated by extending the contract by the period of lost visibility on the internet.

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