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25+ Modifiers Tested and Compared: Find the Best Studio Photography Lighting for YOU
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25+ Modifiers Tested and Compared: Find the Best Studio Photography Lighting for YOU

There are SO MANY lighting modifiers out there. I should know – I’ve tried most of them! Which modifier is best for your photography? How can you compare them quickly and easily WITHOUT spending a fortune? Simple: use our Lighting Comparison Visualiser tool. In this video, I conduct an epic beauty shoot, testing out every single modifier I own. Then I use the Lighting Comparison Visualiser to demonstrate 40+ different lighting effects using 25+ modifiers, showing you the pros and cons of each. From softboxes to octaboxes, flooters to snoots, parabolic umbrellas to Pulso Spots, we cover hard and soft light, contrast, skin tone and texture, shadow sharpness, catchlights, crispness, and much, much more. Let the grand comparison begin! Which is YOUR favourite modifier? Let me know in the comments. Join the fun and follow us on Instagram - Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction & Overview 1:04 - The photoshoot with modifiers being tested 5:46 - Full-screen results 6:30 - Comparison process described (with comparison tool) 7:18 - Setting up the comparison tool benchmark 7:40 - Common modifier comparisons 14:49 - Parabolic reflector comparisons 19:12 - Specialised modifier comparisons 25:15 - Budget alternative comparisons 26:50 - Projection modifier comparisons 29:03 - Karl Taylor favorite modifier comparisons 30:24 - Karl Taylor’s custom-built satellite modifier 30:52 - Full-length modifiers and comparison tool app 31:48 - Get full access
Top 10 Backdrops for Portrait Photography
Rory Lewis

Top 10 Backdrops for Portrait Photography

Recommended Backdrops USA Link Recommended Backdrops UK Link Mentorship Portrait Commissions Photography Workshops & Training #PhotographyBackdrops #Backgroundsforphotography #photographytips #portraitphotography Rory Lewis Online Workshop Full Range of Manfrotto Collapsible Backdrops Don't forget the Magnetic Backdrop Stand Mentorship Those of you who follow my blog and twitter feed, see me using Lastolite Collapsable Backdrops on the majority of my Portrait Sittings. Here are my top 10 backdrops which I recommend for headshots & portraits. As a travelling portraitist collapsible backgrounds are a quick and easy solution. They take seconds to set up and pack away making them equally convenient to pop-open in offices & clients homes. I enjoy shooting portraits with the collapsible backdrops. As a one man band, I can easily accomplish the background set-ups by myself since they fold and unfold like a giant reflector. They are easy to carry on public transport, which is a blessing. The majority of my sittings take place in London. As a regular passenger on the London Underground they are easy to stow in a large suitcase. As well as single sided backdrops, Lastolite offer reversible backdrops giving you more options. The backdrops I most frequently us are the Black/White, White/Light Gray  Urban Collapsible Background Smoke/Concrete and Vintage backdrops such as Tobacco/Olive. Online Photography Workshop​​​​ Recommended Books​ Recommended Equipment Instagram​​​​ Facebook About Rory Winner of the Portrait of Britain in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020. Lewis is a dedicated portrait photographer who has spent over a decade capturing many of the world’s most recognised faces. Sitters have included the likes of William Shatner, David Cameron, Sir Derek Jacobi, Iain Glen and Natalie Dormer. Rory’s images have been exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic, and several of his iconic portraits have been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Rory's Books Portraitist: Portraits and Photography Techniques​​​​ Soldiery British Army Portraits​​​​ Portraits 2014-19​​​​ Soldati della Repubblica: Ritratti dell'esercito italiano​​​​

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