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*Today we have a great article by Francis J Taylor with an insight into his world of photography*

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Francis J Taylor is a multiple award-winning professional photographer, specializing in landscape and wildlife photography. His photography has been sold and exhibited worldwide and published in books, advertisements and magazines, including multiple cover issues. Alongside his personal work, Francis offers national and international tours and bespoke photography workshops near his home in the Peak District National Park.

About Me

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have lived right next to the stunning Peak District National Park for my whole life. In no time at all I can be out photographing the wildlife and beautiful scenery on the majestic edges, lush green dales and bleak moorlands of the Peak District. I have been exploring the Peak District my entire life and built up an in-depth of knowledge of the amazing wildlife and scenery of the national park.

UK Photography Workshops

Whether you’re a complete beginner just getting to grips with a new camera, a keen amateur wanting to take the next steps, or even a seasoned professional, my photography courses and workshops are tailored to meet your individual needs and help you to capture stunning images.

I run all of my photography workshops personally, drawing on years of knowledge and expertise. During the sessions my aim is simple; to inspire and encourage you to take your photography to the next level whilst taking in some of the finest scenery and wildlife experiences the UK has to offer.

Before we head out on our workshop, we will discuss any particular aims for the day, how much tuition you would like with your camera equipment and any preferred locations or subjects you may have. During the session I hope to help you to not only learn invaluable skills and techniques but also to encourage your creativity.

All tuition during the day will be on location and very much hands-on. The locations have been carefully researched and selected to offer you the best opportunities that will both challenge and inspire you.

One to One workshops

When you join me on one of my one to one workshops you will have my undivided attention for the full session. We will work at a pace that suits you, in order to show you how to get the best out of your equipment. You will learn how to compose and capture stunning images that you can really be proud of. By providing tuition on a one to one basis I can ensure that I provide information at your pace – no lengthy group sessions feeling frustrated that things are going too quickly, or that you already know the techniques.

Group Workshops

Group workshops are typically limited to just 4 people so that I ensure I can provide tuition to everyone on a one to one basis. Group workshops are a great way to reduce the individual cost and share the day with a group of like-minded individuals.

Post Processing workshops

Alongside on location workshops I offer post processing tuition to show you how to get the best out of your images. Whether you need help with the basics or complex masking adjustments and composites, my workshops are tailored to you.

Following the workshop

I always encourage all participants to stay in touch following our sessions. I really enjoy seeing the images you create and I am able to offer advice or critique on your images and answer any additional questions you may have. I am also able to provide notes detailing any technical skills we have covered on the day.

What do my guests think?

“Francis took me on a workshop in Hope Valley just outside Sheffield. It was perfect from start to finish. Not only is he fully knowledgeable in his craft, he is great to work with. After 5 minutes I felt I had known him for years. He took me to fantastic locations and give me instruction on how to take wonderful images with the prevailing conditions. Any question was answered quickly and clearly and at my level. I also had some Post Processing instruction with him which I highly recommend. Francis gave me a practical lesson on how to bring the best out of my images. We used one of his images and then worked on several of mine that I had taken earlier. My wife, my biggest critic, has now said my photos are now longer flat and boring but they pop out at you. That’s the best praise I could ask for. I look forward to having another workshop with Francis.” – Matthew

“Francis is one of the nicest people we have ever met. We had a dipper photography session, and he was amazing, teaching us how to use our camera more effectively. We had no prior knowledge of how to set up manually, but he helped us with all the technical details of our DSLR camera along with detailed explanations of bird behaviour and animal and environmental facts. Friendly and approachable, we thoroughly enjoyed our day with him and can’t wait to go on our badger photography session!” Elena and Joe

I joined Francis on a badger workshop in the Peak District. Before heading over to the sett we spent some time discussing the best settings to use, and Francis gave me a brief overview of exposure compensation and metering, two settings I’ve tended to leave well alone in the past! He also set my camera so I could use Back Button Focus, which I can’t believe I haven’t been using all this time for wildlife and insect photography – it’s made such a difference being able to focus that bit faster.

Francis is incredibly friendly and approachable, and is immensely knowledgeable both about photography and wildlife in general. It’s clear that the wellbeing of the wildlife is of utmost importance to him, and we also discussed in detail the fieldcraft needed in order not to disturb the badgers as they went about their evening.

On arrival at the Sett we’d only just got settled down when the first badger arrived – it snuffled around quite happily until a group of curious cows wandered over. Once they’d gone, the badger kept reappearing until as dusk fell, we were treated to two cubs arriving – the sight of a curious badger-cub nose poking out of the undergrowth right next to us is one I’ll never forget! Having never seen a live badger before, to spend the evening watching photographing them is a real treat, and I’ve come away with some images I’m really pleased with. I’ll definitely be attending more workshops with Francis! Thanks again, it was a fab evening!” - Sarah


Thank you for your story Francis, very informative and nice to have a glimpse into your world. I hope that the Coronavirus situation prevails quickly so that people can once again take advantage of your courses and workshops and take their photography up to the next level! Many thanks :)

To find a photography course near you head to our quick and easy search facility here.

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