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Welcome to Find a Photography Course

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

We found that searching for a photography course took too much time because the searches often returned results containing:

  • Long term classes linked to colleges or universities

  • Courses not in the subject area we were searching

  • Websites not actually offering photography courses

  • Courses no longer running

  • Google adverts on every page!

So we decided to create this website to make it easier for everyone to find a photography course in their chosen area of the UK and genre of choice. The courses that we have listed therefore fulfil the following criteria:

  • They are fun courses which encourage learning new skills. They are not about gaining qualifications

  • They are active and current courses

  • They are run by photographers

Whilst we have made every effort to fulfil the above criteria we may sometimes come up short. We are humble enough to accept that this can happen and we would welcome your feedback where you believe the website can be improved.

Our quick and easy search facility makes looking for a course easier than ever, why not give it a go. Happy hunting!

Photography workshops near me
Find a Photography Course

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