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Top tips: Best places to photograph in London

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

So you’re thinking of heading into London with your digital camera; batteries fully charged, SD cards formatted, lenses cleaned and tripod at the ready… but where to head first? There’s an overwhelming choice in London so we thought we’d provide you with a few ideas to get you started. We have come up with a dozen places worthy of checking out.

Before setting off you need to consider the time of day and weather conditions. If you’re after nice soft light then head out early morning or later afternoon, if you want harsh contrasting light then it’s midday for you. Of course, for night shots…well it goes without saying!

If you’re really not sure about light and how to use it then consider one of the many beginner London photography courses. It’s good to learn the basics by attending a photography workshop as it gives you a good base to grow from. On our site we have listed 28 photographers offering beginner photography courses in London, so you’re bound find something suited to your needs, check them out here.

So, let’s get started and in no particular order:

1. The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge from the South Bank.

London Photography Courses
Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

2. Tower Bridge

London Photography Workshops
Tower Bridge by Piro

Abbey Road (from the Beatles album cover)

London Photography Courses
Abbey Road by Skitterians

Richmond Park

London Photography Workshops
Richmond Park by Maciej Cieslak

Piccadilly Circus

Photography Courses in London
Piccadilly Circus by Skitterians

The London Underground

Photography Workshops in London
London Underground

The London Eye

Beginner photography courses in london
London Eye by Mike Kleinsasser

Borough Market

Photography Courses for beginners
Borough Market

The British Museum

Photography workshops in London
The British Museum

Camden Locks & Market

Learn photography
Camden Locks & Market

We hope that you’ve found this blog useful and if you’d like to share any of your photos with us then we’d love to hear from you! Happy photographing :)

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