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Ireland & Northern Ireland Photography Courses

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is separated from Great Britain by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St George's Channel. Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth.

In terms of photography Ireland is a wonderful destination. We have over 30 photographers listed in Ireland offering hundreds of photography courses between them, you can check them out here.

To whet the appetite we’ve selected just four locations across the country. Of course, there are many more places worthy of mention however we’ll save them for a future blog.

So let’s getting cracking and up first is…

The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is a scenic area around the Iveragh Peninsula in southwest Ireland’s County Kerry. It’s 179km-long and traverses rugged and lush green coastal landscapes and rural seaside villages. There is plenty to point your camera at en-route including picturesque ruins like Ballycarbery Castle and the ancient monastery Skellig Michael. Along with the rugged coastal scenery, quaint villages and Killarney National Park you’ll not be disappointed.

Ireland Photography Courses
The Ring of Kerry by Nadja Golitschek
Ireland Photography Workshops
The Ring of Kerry by Nadja Golitschek.
Photography Courses in Ireland
Skellig Michael by Ari Kejonen


Connemara is a district in western Ireland, facing the Atlantic. Its coastline has tiny coves, bays and fishing villages. There are also a number of castles such as Gothic Revival–style Clifden Castle and Ballynahinch Castle. Connemara National Park is a vast expanse of mountains, bogs, heathland and lakes. If you’re looking to photograph spectacular panoramic views in a peaceful setting then this is the place for you!

Ireland Photography Workshops
Connemara Landscape by Greg Montani
Irish Photography Courses
Connemara Lake by Susanne Stockli


Dublin, capital of the Republic of Ireland, is on Ireland’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. As you would expect, there are a number of photographic opportunities including Trinity College, Dublin Castle, dating to the 13th century, St Patrick’s Cathedral, founded in 1191. City parks include landscaped St Stephen’s Green and huge Phoenix Park, containing Dublin Zoo. Or you might like to just roam around the centre through cobbled streets, there’s plenty to capture.

Ireland Photography Courses
Dublin Castle by Luca
Irish Photography Courses
Trinity college by Picography
Ireland Photography Workshops
Temple Bar by Leonhard Niederwimmer
Photography Courses in Ireland
St Patrick’s Cathedral by Leonhard Niederwimmer

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

These incredible, interlocking basalt columns sprouted from a volcanic fissure eruption 60 million years ago and cooled into tall, prism-like structures. The challenge here is to try to take a photograph in someway different to the many who have gone before you. Not an easy task but us photographers do like a challenge!

Irish Photography Workshops
Giant’s Causeway by Larah Vidotto

We hope you found this Emerald Isle taster of interest and as always a few tips before you set off…

  • Check the weather forecast

  • Consider the time of day and lighting conditions

  • Think about how busy it will be when you arrive, will this detract from your photos?

  • Check your equipment over. Have you charged your batteries & cleared your memory cards etc.?

  • Will you need a tripod or flash lights? Always be prepared!

  • And finally, wear comfy shoes, no one ever enjoyed a day's photography without comfy shoes!

Have fun and enjoy and please do share any photos with us 😊

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