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This week's article is by Sally Edwards. Sally runs photography courses for beginners and upwards.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I love photography! Since the beginning of 2015, I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and style of photography through teaching and exhibiting. My goal is to personally help and encourage photographers of all ages, from beginners to those more experienced, develop their interest and inspire them to embrace all aspects of photography.

I have worked as a professional photographer for over 15 years developing my skills and knowledge in many areas of photography including weddings, portraiture, equine, pets and a variety of commercial work and now use all this experience throughout my teaching. My photography interest is in nature and wildlife and I love nothing more than visiting amazing places around the British Isles and further afield.

Beginner Photography Courses

Wiltshire Photography Courses

I have a range of training options for you to consider including courses, workshops, tours, and even a photography club for you to meet like-minded people. If you have a love for photography and would like to take it further, I would welcome the opportunity to help you continue with your learning and enjoyment of your passion.

Beginner Photography Courses

My Photography Training Programme is based in and around Salisbury, Wiltshire and available online for those living further afield. All courses, workshops and tours are suitable for anyone who wants to get their camera off ‘Auto’ mode to unlock its true potential and turn their pictures into stunning images. Each course, workshop and tour will give you the knowledge and skills required to explore photography and take your creativity to new levels. Small group numbers ensure you receive individual tuition throughout each course. My Private tuition and online options allow you to choose which learning experience best suits you. Post course help and advice are always on hand to reinforce knowledge and skills learnt.

My photography club provides workshops and monthly meets for members to enjoy. A typical meet includes a short presentation on a specific area of photography, group discussions, photo briefs and a show and tell. No competitions… just a friendly environment where members can improve their skills, share experiences and enjoy their photography.

Whichever of my training options you decide to take to move your photography forward, my aim will always to be to give you a solid all-round foundation to build on, from wherever you are in your knowledge and skills.

Some quotes from course attendees...

Paul. I cannot praise Sally's personal tuition course highly enough - I learned a huge amount in my sessions including: theoretical aspects of photography; how to better use all the functions of my camera; and how to think about taking better pictures. I now feel that I have the confidence to develop photography as a serious hobby. I would certainly recommend a course with Sally if you have an interest in photography but feel daunted by the complexities of your camera and want to develop some theoretical knowledge.

Claire. Thank you Sally, The Beginners Photography Course more than met my expectations. I really appreciated your help before the start of the course sorting out my camera. I enjoyed all of it. I think it was a good balance between learning the theory and the practicals to try it out. The locations were all good and easy to get to and very useful for putting into practice the theory we learnt. There was nothing missing from the course to introduce you to photography. It was also a comfortable and friendly environment to learn in and I am looking forward to the post-production course in the not too distant future.

Michelle. The course definitely met my expectations. I feel I now know how to use the creative modes and am looking forward to experimenting with them. I especially enjoyed being out and about and being able to look at the photographs to see the different effects. The locations were ideal for me and provided good opportunities to learn. The course was easy to book and communication and flexibility were both excellent. I’d like to learn more about composition next and I’m looking forward to joining the camera club soon. I would recommend the course to anyway wishing to learn the basics. It has definitely helped me to understand my camera and gain confidence to use it.

Raphael T. The course exceeded my expectations… I had not realised how important understanding how the camera works helps with decision making when aiming for the perfect picture. The theory and practical ratio was good and I loved it all, but enjoyed the practical session thoroughly… great locations and surprisingly with great weather! I feel much more confident now using my camera and lenses… will definitely be back for a post production course later in the year.

FPC. Thank you Sally, it's always interesting to hear about a photographer's journey and to take a glimpse behind the curtain into their world. Let's hope that life returns to normal soon and we can all get back to doing what we love...getting out and about with our cameras!

To find a photography course head to our quick and easy search facility here.

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