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Snowdonia Photography Courses

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

If you're not familiar with Snowdonia then you're in for a treat since it really is a landscape photographer's paradise! Set in the northwest region of Wales, Snowdonia is a mountainous region and nation park covering 823 square miles. The highest mountain, being Mount Snowdon, stands 3560 ft (1,085 metres) tall.

Snowdonia photography Courses
Mount Snowdon by Richard Todd

Today we want to flag up a couple photographic scenes that are worth a visit. The areas we've chosen are in fact fairly well known which can make it difficult to photograph. This is because making the shot interesting means it needs to be different from what's gone before. However, the other way to look at it is purely for self satisfaction. You went, you saw, you captured!

So here we go, location no.1 is Dolbadarn Castle which is a fortification built by the Welsh prince Llywelyn the Great during the early 13th century. It's found at the base of the Llanberis Pass, in northern Wales overlooking the waters of Llyn Padarn between Caernarfon and Snowdonia.

Snowdonia photography workshops
Dolbardarn Castle by Ian Kelsall

Location no.2 is 'The Lone Tree' which stands on the edge of Llyn Padarn in Llanberis.

Located on the West side of the lake, the lonely tree offers a foreground that matches the starkness of its backdrop. The spot is particularly popular over the Autumn and Winter months when the tree is baron and the lake is still, acting like a mirror for the Glyderau and Snowdon that stand behind it.

Snowdonia Photography Course
The Lone Tree by Roman Grac

Now, if you feel that your photography skills are not quite up to the job, or you're just a bit rusty, then fear not as we have 14 photographer's listed offering courses in Snowdonia. You can check them out here! Most offer beginner photography courses so you won't be out of your depth.

We hope you've found this blog informative and that you feel inspired to get out there and take some amazing photos!

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