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We are growing!

Since our launch in Dec 2019 we have seen a steady growth in the use of our website. Covid-19 did cause a significant stall in visitors for around 12 months as the whole of the photography course business pretty much shut down. In real terms we have been an active website for around 12 months helping people find photography courses. Our increasing number of users is showing us how useful this resource is. Here's a few stats that we'd like to share...

(Effective period of 12 months not including Covid-19 down time)

  • Number of impressions across Google 460,000

  • Number of Google clicks 8,555

  • New Users 4,495

  • Page Views 13,607

  • Photographers websites visited 5188

  • Average session time 1m 58s

  • Areas we cover 58

  • Genres we cover 36

  • Number of tutorial videos available 251

A big thank you to all our photographers, video suppliers and customers and we hope the next 12 months will continue to see a significant period of growth.

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