This website has been created by photographers for photographers and is a one-stop-shop that lists photography courses across the UK and Ireland. You can think of it as a directory of photography courses and workshops. It is aimed at those looking to enjoy their photography while at the same time learning some good techniques. It is also aimed at the more seasoned or professional photographer wanting to develop their skills further. It is not for those looking for courses whereby you can gain a qualification, such as undertaken at photography institutions or academic facilities. 

We have scoured the internet for courses and grouped them by location and genre thereby providing you with a single list of available courses in your chosen area and discipline. So whether you're looking for a photography course in London or a landscape workshop in Snowdonia we have made it easy to quickly find a good selection at the click of a button! 

Whilst we have carried out some research into the courses we cannot vouch for their quality and so any issues should be raised directly with the course provider. However, if you do encounter any problems we would welcome your feedback as this will help us to keep our site fit for purpose.

So why have we created this website? We found that it can be very time consuming looking for photography courses since you have to filter through countless results on the internet before finding the course you want. What we really wanted was a single list of courses in our chosen area and genre from which we could quickly browse and make our choice. This website allows you to do just that! We hope that you will now be able to find the perfect photography course for you quickly and easily.

We do welcome any feedback or ideas to help improve this site.

Happy hunting and happy photographing! 


Copyright Find a Photography Course 2020. All rights reserved.

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