Isle of Wight Photography Courses

The following websites offer a range of photography courses and workshops on the Isle of Wight including:

  • Landscape photography courses

  • Seascape photography courses

  • Night and astro photography courses

  • Learning the basics

  • Plus many more genres

Beginner photography courses are catered for through to the more experienced professional. You may not know but the Isle of Wight is a popular astro photography location, in part due to it having low light pollution. There's a number of photographer's offering overnight stargazing photography courses, check them out below!

Isle of Wight

Tim Wells

Isle of Wight, Devon, Dorset, Cumbria, London, North Wales/Snowdonia, Scotland,

Tim Wells is an Astro landscape and Nature photographer from the Isle of Wight and runs a number of workshops around the country.

Coast & Capture

Sussex, Isle of Wight

Offering photography courses in the breathtaking surroundings of Chichester Harbour and the South Downs.

Ainsley Bennett Photography

Isle of Wight

Ainsley offers 1 to 1 night photography workshops on the Isle of Wight with the aim of teaching the basic skills required to capture images after dark. These sessions can be tailor made to individual requirements, all skill levels and can cover landscape astrophotography or general long exposure imagery. Due to the Isle of Wight's dark skies these workshops are ideal for anyone looking to capture the Milky way from April to September.

Capture Perfect

Isle of Wight

Our workshops are for adults only, and suitable for complete beginners who would like to learn more about photography and the use of their camera, or for the more advanced photographer simply wanting new areas to explore to expand their creativity.

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