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Nottinghamshire Photography Courses

The following websites offer a range of photography courses and workshops in the Nottinghamshire area including:

  • Wildlife photography courses

  • Studio & portrait photography courses

  • Architecture photography courses

  • Street photography courses in Nottingham

  • Learning the basics

  • Plus other genres

Looking to learn the basics or something more advanced? Digital beginner photography courses through to the more experienced professional are available. Places of interest in the area include Sherwood Forest, Clumber Park, Rufford Abbey and Wollaton Hall & Park to name but a few! 

If you're keen to get learning then you can also visit our tutorial pages here. There's a great selection of free videos available covering a range of genre and topics.

Search all courses here.

Nottingham Photography Workshops


London Eye



essops photography courses are the very start of the journey for many of our customers. We teach you how to take control of your camera and move away from Auto. Courses are run throughout the UK and taught by our camera experts.

London Eye

Going Digital


Going Digital offer a variety of courses for beginners and upwards in the Nottinghamshire area.

London Eye

Dave Fuller Photography


Photography courses and workshops in Nottingham.

London Eye

Line + Light


Line and Light is the East Midlands' favourite photography school. Our small team have been teaching photography via our one day courses since 2008. From beginner to serious enthusiast, we have a range of subjects to choose from. Our popular Saturday 'Learning Photography' courses are with small groups and cameras are available to borrow at no additional cost. Specialist itineraries feature, with an emphasis on architecture, and an opportunity to learn about perspective control led by one of the UK's foremost architectural photographers. We also run one of the only Astrophotography courses in the UK.

London Eye

Digital Photography Course

Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Online/Virtual

Photography Courses in rural Leicestershire with Award-Winning Leicester Mercury Press Photographer & College Tutor - Glen Tillyard. As a professional press photographer, I have to get the best picture, in the shortest possible time, every time and this is what I will teach you on each of our 20 plus courses.
As a college tutor, I know that every student has a different learning style so our courses cater for every learning type. Our jargon-free courses are suitable for DSLRs, Mirrorless and Bridge Cameras and will suit everyone from the complete novice to the intermediate photographer.

London Eye

Nathan Walker Photography

Birmingham, Bristol, Derbyshire, Nationwide, Nottinghamshire, West Midlands, Yorkshire

Nathan Walker is a Nottingham based wedding photographer who believes that weddings are not all about taking pretty photos all day. His workshop will help you to improve your documentary photography skills so that you can consistently make stronger photos in every setting. Nathan will explore the documentary mindset and guide you through how he stays creative across all aspects of a wedding day. Photographers can also participate in a live photo critique session. His workshop also covers how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and how you could make your business even more successful.

London Eye

Cream Photo Workshops

Bristol, Leeds, London, Birmingham, Nottinghamshire, West Midlands, Yorkshire, Cheshire & Merseyside, Surrey

Photography Courses, 1-2-1 Tuition, Camera Lessons, One Day Workshops means you can LEARN HOW TO TAKE FANTASTIC PHOTOS Easy Enjoyable Digital Photography Courses - Something for everyone with all types of digital camera - compacts, bridge, DSLR & mobile phone cameras. Beginners most welcome.

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